Saturday, 8 September 2012


Some of you will know, that I have recently been filmed by a film company in Liverpool making art tutorial video's for the web, and I currently have 2 days filming up there on monday and tuesday, and I'm presenting a mini course for beginners which I'm going to summarise on my blog for you.

Most of my learners will recognise the beginner exercises I invented as they have already done them.

The image below is of the front page of PAINTBOX ART MEDIA, it is not interactive, but if you want to explore the site here's the link 
but if you want to see my video tutorials I'm afraid you'll have to sign up for them, although I am hoping I'll be able to get a short clip of one of them to put on here and on my website.

The exercises are for beginners and are designed to have a progression of easy to medium difficulty, with all the techniques repeated with each subject in both the preparation exercises and the finished painting.

Each new subject will expand, and add new techniques to build for the next stage.

The hills exercise below is designed for repetition of laying flat and gradated washes, culminating in laying a variegated wash for the foreground trees

All my beginners classes start with a pigment to water ratio exercises to demonstrate an understanding of how much water is required for various degrees of intensity.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks with all my learners is brush application so I'm going to be paying particular attention to this.

The first gradated wash on the hills

As a basis for creating a variegated wash, this neutral light and dark exercise is essential before tackling the next few washes on the hills.
Technique practise sheets are more successful, because the beginner is not so fearful of the outcome as when they are trying to produce a finished piece, and therefore can relax and focus getting it right.

The 2nd wash on the hills

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