Tuesday, 16 October 2012


This week I took my drawing class to Wicken fen nature reserve in the countryside north of Cambridge.
I wanted us to put into practice what we had learned about using proportional dividers as an instrument for scaling up objects from life.
We drew the windmill pump which proved quite tricky as those of us who were quite close to it, ( those in the howling gale outside! ) found that scaling up would not be possible, as the closeness of the windmill meant that our proportions would not fit on the page, so we measured using just one end of the dividers sight size, see previous lesson for use of dividers.
Some of the  class  stayed in the visitor center, as it was extremely windy and  quite cold, and they were far enough away to scale up the windmill using both ends of the dividers.

Below is a sketch I did, for those of you who want to finish your tonal values at home, and for ideas on detail and composition.
I would like to see your finished drawing by next week please, and for those of you who can scan and email, I'd like to put your pictures on here? : )

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