Thursday, 11 October 2012

This week's Sawston and Comberton thursday classes

As I can't take my Sawston evening class on location, and the weather was too bad on my thursday class to go out to Cambridge market, we consolidated our understanding of this particular colour theory by choosing and arranging a still life, learner sourced, and I was every bit as much impressed at the outcome's as I was with the Marketeers on my wednesday class.

Just a re cap on last weeks classes, we were consolidating our understanding of having a focal point with a primary colour ( s ) and surrounding it with secondaries and tertiaries of the same limited pallet, which means, primarily unmixed and secondarily mixed up a bit more. 
We copied the Anders Zorn paintings above to embed these ideas in our heads before putting it into practice with our choice and arrangement of colours in our still life's this week.
This is also the exercise my beginners did at Sawston this week, where I am pleased to say I have beginners who are  lively and curious, and to that group, if you have time before next week, do a small extrt painting of the 2 women in  the above painting, and see how far and how long you can go with adding your colours without your painting getting blotchy or streaky

The photo's below are are from my Comberton class, and we started off exploring as a group each others still life contents, this was a lively and amusing discussion, which is a pleasure for me as always, and we all had fun chipping in with our ideas for arranging each others still lifes : )

Next week we will be continuing to paint up the S L's from photographs taken this week with the emphasis on creating a limited pallet of close harmony, rather that trying to copy exactly what is in front of us, so, to sum up, 
selection and arrangements of objects is a creative act, creating tonal and colour thumbnails of SL's is a creative act, and application of colour is also a creative act.

Also, next week my thursday class have arranged to come to class in groups of 3, wearing  colours of close colour harmony, with 1 dominant colour within an analogous set of 3, to be arranged as a group portrait, should be fun : )

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