Thursday, 21 March 2013


My drawing class were challenged to compare lights and darks in relation to the whole again this week but with a different subject.
This week we had to represent the stones under the water at the bottom end of the tonal scale, Ie all dark, and making sure there was sufficient contrast between them and the stones out of water.

My watercolour class were challenged to paint wet on dry with a large chisel head brush,  which forced us to simplify our colour shapes, and establish value mass before launching into any detail.
All seemed to enjoy this approach as it was a more relaxed and slower pace, however each brush mark had to count, and therefore carefully considered before  economical marks were made

Below are the 1st marks we made, keeping them separate until dry.

The summer term starts back on the week beginning 22nd of april, and we will be continuing this block technique approach, and work towards doing landscapes outdoors, weather permitting.

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